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About Me

Photography and writing have been my passions since high school. 

I grew up in Montreal where I studied creative writing at Concordia University and dabbled in street photography while I pursued adventures in fast fashion and faster dance music. I even once spent a day shooting giant piles of trash bags lining Manhattan's sidewalks during one of New York City's then infamous garbage strikes.    

I first visited Banff, Alberta, in Canada’s Rocky Mountains as a university student in the early 1980s and quickly fell in love with the mountains and mountain life. There, I felt truly and deeply alive. I’ve lived in the Canadian Rockies ever since.

Mountain life has its own rhythms, its own unique culture. Our work, our recreation and our social lives are shaped by the seasons — exploring wild natural landscapes by skis in winter, and in summer by hiking, cycling and paddling lakes and rivers, by rock climbing up steep cliffs and mountaineering on giant glaciated peaks, and camping many, many kilometres from the nearest road, motors or wifi.

Everything we need to know in life I learned from self-propelled mountain adventures. I learned to ski up and over the next col when I was bone-weary tired, to keep hiking when my pack weighed like a load of bricks, to keep climbing when I was trembling scared, and most importantly, to stop once in a while and notice the tiniest wildflower or vole surviving in the highest windswept places. I learned every single thing in nature is connected and dependent on the next, including us humans. I also learned to laugh with my friends when our boots were so wet they squooshed audibly!

Many of the images on these pages were taken hours, sometimes days by boots or skis from the parking lot. I take my camera on all my adventures to try to capture the exquisite magic of the wild, natural world. I like to keep it simple - one camera, my Sony a7ii, my 24-105G lens, one filter. Sometimes I'll add my 15mm Voightlander superwide lens, but when I'm also carrying a tent, sleeping bag, stove and food I might not bring my tripod (Peak Design carbon fiber travel tripod), so I can explore further, stay out longer. After three decades of exploring valleys and peaks, glaciers and waterfalls, flower-filled meadows and ocean coastlines, I’m constantly blown away by the magic of nature.

I hope when you view my images you'll be blown away too, and want to experience that magic hanging on your walls.       

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